Clara Berta

I am a contemporary painter with a passion for creating abstract fine art that imparts a sense of serenity to promote healing and wellness for both the observer and myself. My mission is to share my art with people who are on a journey to improve their overall wellbeing.

The Art of Wellness

My paintings can transform a home or office into a Zen-like environment where you can quiet a cluttered mind, feel a sense of peace and tranquility, and enjoy beauty every day. I feel blessed to be able to create that kind of soothing atmosphere for others and it makes my heart soar with gratitude.

“Clara Berta’s Minimalism series is the perfect antidote to the upsetting times we live in today. It provides a respite from the storm; one can relax just by enjoying the organic beauty of her paintings.” – Dale Youngman, Art Curator

The Art of Minimalism

My Minimalism series with flowing, organic imagery surrounded by plentiful white-space is partially inspired by the simplicity of the “less is more” philosophy of renowned twentieth-century German architect, Mies van der Rohe. But more than that, it is a personal expression of my desire to explore art as a healing tool. This series, which I believe is my strongest and most personal to date, has transformed me. I have learned about patience and acceptance, how to let go, and how to slow down. Now free from any pre-conceived notions about the outcome, the uninhibited expression of my heart and mind, as well as both the playful and the more serious, introspective parts of my personality, are released onto the canvas. My Minimalism series has not only had a calming effect on me, but also on all of those who have seen my paintings.

The Art of Healing

I truly became an artist after a very challenging period of loss when art saved my life. I initially discovered my love of painting during my studies in Psychology from Antioch University. At first, art was simply a creative outlet which was set aside when I got married. However, after I lost my husband, I returned to painting as a form of therapy. The experience was so healing and rewarding that I dedicated myself to art full-time, and even began teaching. I offered classes to troubled teens and women as a way for them to heal from their own trauma and loss by giving them a safe space to express their emotions. It has been a privilege and honor to give back to the community and make a positive impact in the lives of others by showing them how they too can heal through art.

Finding Inspiration

As an artist of Hungarian heritage, I am aware of various and sometimes subtle influences on my artwork. From the joyful use of color in the traditional clothing of my culture to appreciation for the healing properties of water. Now living in California, water continues to be a major inspiration, especially the ocean, as evident in my recent Fifty Shades of Blue collection full of abstract imagery of waves and marine life. However, I absorb inspiration from all aspects of my life and seek out joy and beauty every day.

Coming Together

I would love to share my journey of art as a tool for healing and wellness with you. Please join me at BertaArt Studio Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles where you can feel the calming effects of my art in person. Every second Thursday of every month my studio is open from 5-9 PM for the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, a celebration of art with self-guided and guided tours. I also have special events at BertaArt which are always fun with lively discussions, music, refreshments, and wonderful guests.

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