Art Basel Miami Clara Berta Exhibit and Interview

Following is an abstract artist interview with Los Angeles based mixed media painter, Clara Berta.

Part of Art Basel from December 4th to 9th, 2012, Intrepid Gallery ArtSpot Miami hosted by Red Dot Art Fair showcased large abstract artwork by Los Angeles-based abstract artist Clara Berta. Wynwood Art District, 3011 NE 1st Avenue at NE 31st Street, Miami, FL  33137

by Jesus Manuel Rojas Torres

Hidden Treasures, abstract painting 36 x 36 by Clara Berta
Hidden Treasures, abstract painting 36 x 36 by Clara Berta

Berta was born and raised in a Hungarian enclave in Romania and at the age of eleven she moved to Chicago to live. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles where she began her formal education receiving a B.A. in Psychology from Antioch University in 1995.

Her work is concentrated on abstract expressionism in which subjective emotional expressions explore various themes: the ebb and flow of memory, renewal, the passing of physical time, desire, passion and love.

The artist is imbued with feelings of peace and compassion which play a vital role in her life as a therapist and artist.

From Los Angeles, Berta’s home studio is surrounded by English and Zen gardens that contribute to creating a mood of a Zen-like lifestyle imbued with a spiritual atmosphere desirable to produce inspiring works.

Using unconventional materials, Berta paints on wood panels integrating poetry, photography, printmaking using a varied palette filled with opulent and vibrant colors.

Three of Berta’s blue abstract paintings were showcased in a frame of the Disney movie “You Again” which were enlarged into 5′ by 5′ to cover other paintings during the filming in one of the movie sets.

Oceanic Lights of Love, by Clara Berta 60 x 48 on canvas
Oceanic Lights of Love, abstract painting 60 x 48 by Clara Berta

The artist hosts weekly lessons at her home studio encouraging her students to use artistic expression as a means to overcoming personal challenges.

Inspired by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Hannelore Baron and Jackson Pollock, Berta combines her passion for psychology and art hoping to share one basic message connecting the body and mind.

WUM briefly conducts an abstract artist interview with Clara Berta who talks about harmony and inspiration and why creating from nothing is her deeply satisfying experience.

WUM: Why do you create art?

I am compelled to create and it is indeed my passion. I find myself gazing at a blank canvas or a wood panel and get excited to fill the space with texture and then start painting, layering and creating a story. The process of filling a canvas with color and form is a deeply satisfying experience. The development from a single brush stroke into a finished canvas that is five feet by eight feet is an artistic challenge. What I love most of all, is the process of growing with the artwork itself.

abstract painting
Autumn’s Eve, abstract painting 48 x 96 by Clara Berta

WUM: Are you the only one artist in your family? How did you discover painting?

Yes, I am the only one in my family who is creative; I started painting in 1988, but as many of us do, I let it slip away. One day, while going through some personal and difficult experiences, I returned to painting as a way to heal and found it very rewarding and then, I was hooked again.

Around 2008, my creativity began to soar, and in hopes of learning more about technique and composition, I took off for Florence, Italy to study at the Santa Reparata School of Art.

WUM: Tell us about your inspiration to create a work of art?

My inspiration comes from love, nature, traveling, using organic materials such as coffee, tea and collage elements and also from a deep sense of movement in space. It is an evolution of happy accidents that culminates in and expresses how I feel in a particular moment.

WUM: You have been very active teaching art classes for quite some time in which your background as a psychologist has helped others find a place to express their emotions. Can you explain us the relationship you find between psychology and art?

I find that art is healing and through teaching I have found a great way to support many students. It is also inspirational and nurturing in different ways, since it helps you release, let go, and be present and in the moment. I gained tools to understand, listen and evoke and encourage the students to release old emotions. I also create a safe and comfortable environment to enable students to be themselves and give them space to create. The more we connect, the more creative we become, and the more creative we are the more passionate our lives will become.

Original article with their permission.

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