Art Wallpaper: A New Way to Bring Art Home

Artist Clara Berta's Dreamy art wallpaper mural available on

What is Art Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a major comeback in the world of interior design. However, today’s wallpaper options go beyond a pretty repeating pattern. Art wallpaper is a reproduction of a painting or photo by that you can affix to your wall as a large-scale mural. It’s a unique and affordable way to bring fine art from an artist you love into to your home or office. I’m excited to announce that I have recently partnered with to offer my abstract paintings as wallpaper.

Artist Clara Berta's Dreamy art wallpaper mural available on
Clara Berta’s Dreamy art wallpaper


Art Wallpaper Can Transform Your Home or Office

Turn a blank wall into an eye-catching focal point, immediately adding interest to your environment. It can be a conversation starter that invites the viewer to contemplate the meaning of the art or set a mood like my Dreamy mural creating a feeling of tranquility and calm in the bedroom. Dreamy is based on a painting from my Minimalism series and inspired by the vast ocean. With such a bold design element in place, you can keep the rest of the space minimal and use more neutral furnishings to round out the look of your room.

Art Wallpaper is Affordable Fine Art for Your Wall

Wallpaper murals are an affordable way to incorporate fine art into your home or office. Despite the large-scale size, pricing can be less expensive than buying an original painting or having someone hand paint your wall. My abstract art wallpaper like Inner Vision is available in an array of sizes and two different color options.

Artist Clara Berta's Inner Vision art wallpaper mural available on
Clara Berta’s Inner Vision art wallpaper


Art Wallpaper is Green Too

Each art wallpaper mural is made using fibers from sustainably managed forests and digitally printed using environmentally-friendly inks. To make it even greener, the wallpaper is only printed as ordered to the customers’ specifications for less waste. Feathr’s art wallpaper is available up to 14 feet wide by 9 feet tall so you can order exactly the size you need to fit your space.

You Can Install Wall Art Wallpaper Yourself

Unlike the messy and often complicated method of applying wallpaper in the past, today’s wall art wallpaper is an easier, more seamless process. You simply apply the glue to the wall then apply the panels to the wall using clear and easy to follow instructions. Not to worry if you don’t get the position just right. Today’s glue gives you leeway to adjust the placement of your fine art panels so it looks just right.

Artist Clara Berta's Dreamy art wallpaper mural detail
Clara Berta’s Dreamy art wallpaper detail

Tips Before Buying Art Wallpaper

First, measure your space carefully to determine how large of a mural you need for your space. Be sure to consider where the furniture will be placed in relation to the wall art so it has a cohesive flow. Think about what mood or tone you want to set for your home or office. Are you looking for something relaxing and welcoming or more bold and energizing vibe? You can also request a sample of the wallpaper to test it out first. Go to to shop for the perfect art wallpaper for you.

About Clara Berta

Artist Clara Berta

Clara is a passionate, award-winning abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, abstract paintings have been exhibited in the US and collected worldwide. Her art has also been featured in Showtime’s Ray Donovan (2017), CBS’s Two Broke Girls (2017), Bravos’ Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (2014), Disney’s You Again (2009), Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2007), and in the LA Weekly (2003).

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