Celebrating Milestones of a Transformational 6 Years in Downtown Los Angeles

Artist Clara Berta

Let’s Celebrate Milestones and Transformation

Artist Clara Berta

I am excited to celebrate my six-year anniversary of moving my home and art studio to Downtown Los Angeles and the many milestones that have transformed my life. Please join me on October 25th from 6-9 PM at BertaArt Studio Gallery for a small VIP reception for friends, neighbors, and old and new clients. Enjoy refreshments and a studio gallery tour and brief artist talk revealing my newest artwork. Plus, a chance to win an original painting! Please RSVP to if you would like to attend. You are welcome to bring guests because I love meeting new people!

Moving to Downtown LA

Clara Berta's Spring Street Loft
Artist Clara Berta’s Spring Street Loft

October 25th, 2012 was a significant milestone because that was the day I moved into Downtown LA and into a very different life. My fate was set when I discovered a fabulous loft on the 11th floor of a historic Spring Street building with amazing high-rise views. Inspired by the urban skyline, the brilliantly colored street murals, the nearby flower market, and the lively city inhabitants, my work began to reflect more vibrant hues and sumptuous textures. Full of excitement and hope, my art sales increased, as my productivity and enthusiasm for my new surroundings produced a bold, new direction for my painting.

Exhibiting in Miami

2013 was my first year to ever exhibit during the Art Basel exhibition week in Miami, Florida, a key milestone in my career as an artist. I was fortunate to be included in the international Red Dot Art Fair, where I not only made sales but many friends and influential contacts. I came back very inspired!

Meeting the One

Clara Berta with her fiancé Sandy
Clara Berta with her fiancé Sandy

Not all my milestones were related to my art. On April 23, 2014, I met an amazing man, who later became my fiancé. Meeting Sandy transformed my life in so many ways. His support and belief in me gave me the confidence to explore new techniques and concepts and to submit my work to more prestigious galleries and art competitions.

Opening BertaArt Studio Gallery

First day at BertaArt Studio Gallery
First day at BertaArt Studio Gallery

February 1st, 2015 was the day I opened BertaArt Studio Gallery, a key professional milestone. A mere two blocks from my loft home, this space to gave me more room to create as well as a large hallway where I was could continually present my work in a gallery-style installation. This bright and sunny studio lined with large windows inspired me to begin working on much larger canvases. The move also enabled me to join the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, held every second Thursday of the month. Each month thousands of people come to Downtown LA to celebrate art and explore over 20 locations that are open late for self-guided tours. Once BertaArt Studio Gallery was added to their official map I felt like I had finally arrived!

Winning at Made in California

Clara Berta's Awakening on Brea Art Gallery Made in California cover

In 2016 I was honored with a 3rd place award at the Made in California exhibit at the City of Brea Art Gallery and my painting Awakening was featured on the cover of the exhibit catalog. Awakening was a milestone in my approach to painting because it marked the start of my Flow series. Flow took me in a new direction where I allowed my subconscious to come to the surface, unleashing more freedom in my creative process. This newfound freedom led me to a new technique of pouring paint in a series of layers across the canvas and allowing it to flow, resulting in bold and intriguing shapes with a strong emotional impact. It was a very fulfilling time in my life and the first time I ever received accolades and expansive public recognition for my work.

More Exhibitions and Galleries

Clara Berta with Mystery at Made in California exhibit at Brea Art Gallery
Clara Berta with Mystery at Made in California exhibit at Brea Art Gallery

 was very busy and full of many milestones. My art was showcased in three major exhibits, including CA 101’s It Takes a Village at Friends of Redondo Beach Arts in Redondo Beach, California, the City of Brea Art Gallery’s Made in California for the second time, and at Barrett Art Center’s New Directions in Poughkeepsie, New York. While I continued having great success at Artspace Warehouse in Los Angeles, my primary gallery representation, these three exhibits inspired me to submit a different style of work to more galleries in other locations. Expanding my scope and broadening my reach into other art centers across the country was my goal, and these first steps showed me that I could achieve that success.

Transformed by Minimalism

In 2018
my work is evolving yet again into a new series and I feel it is my best yet. Minimalism is an expression of my new way of thinking and being that has made me more focused and enthusiastic about my work. Stripped down, free of clutter, and with more negative space on the canvas, I feel it is my most sophisticated series to date. And others seem to agree because my Minimalism paintings can now be found at Ethos Contemporary Art Gallery in Newport Beach, MAC Fine Art Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and most recently, Fresh Paint Art Advisors in Culver City. Quite a milestone as an artist to be in so many locations.

My Art is a Centerfold

Clara Berta's Into the Blue in Laguna Beach Art Patron Magazine
One of my larger Minimalism paintings, Into the Blue, was recently featured as the centerfold in Laguna Beach Art Patron Magazine catching the eye of an architect in Newport Beach who bought it. It has been a stellar year so far, so please come to help me celebrate all these milestones and the many yet to come.

Thursday, October 25th 6-9pm
BertaArt Studio Gallery
120 East 8th Street #202
Los Angeles, CA 90014


Don’t miss refreshments, an artist’s talk, and a chance to win an original painting!

Parking available in nearby lots and on the street.

About Clara Berta

Artist Clara Berta at BertaArt Studio Gallery with her Minimalism series
Artist Clara Berta at BertaArt Studio Gallery with her Minimalism series

“Abstract painting is a mysterious journey. From the initial inspiration to the final work, I can never predict the steps in the process or the final image.”

Clara Berta is a passionate, award-winning abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, highly textural abstract paintings have been exhibited in the US and collected worldwide. A sensibility of simplicity permeates her paintings with areas of bright color juxtaposed with large fields of negative space. This balance, between the focal point and the white space surrounding it, is a delicate equilibrium.

She believes in the philosophy of the renowned German architect, Mies van der Rohe, who created an influential twentieth-century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. He is often associated with his quotation of the aphorism, “less is more.”

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