Hair for the Holidays by an Artist Cesare Safieh

Cesare SafiehCesare Safieh has been creating unique, European-inspired hairstyles since 1979, and works hard to stay on top of the latest styles and industry techniques, while providing a customer experience that leaves his guests feeling like a celebrity.

With such a busy, and hectic, lifestyle Cesare looks forward to moments when he can step out of the limelight and spend some time unwinding with his paints.

Today we caught up with top LA hairdresser, Cesare Safieh to talk about how creating mixed media art enhances his life.

BertaArt: How did you get interested in art?

Cesare: I am a very creative person. Working with hair is a very creative endeavor; I find art to be an extension of my creativity… another way for me to express myself. I find that creating art is an enjoyable way to release my creative energy.

I work very hard in my profession, always putting my clients’ needs first, so art is a chance for me to be creative without the demands of my clients taking center stage.

I enjoy the time I spend in front of a canvas creating. There’s a sense of freedom, and an emotional rush, when I create art… it helps me relax.

A Cut by Cesare Safieh, mixed media art
A Cut by Cesare Safieh, mixed media art

BertaArt: What inspires your art?

Cesare: My art is inspired by objects I find in nature, as well as my mood at the time I am painting.

I like to move in the moment; if I feel something is right I just go with it.

BertaArt: What is your creative process like?

Cesare: Mixing colors is my favorite part of the creative process. Inspiration just flows from me, so I paint what I feel. But I do like to have music playing while I paint.

BertaArt: What do you like most about mixed media art?

Cesare: The ability to layer my images.

BertaArt: What is your favorite art tool to use?

Cesare: My hands. I can feel what I am creating; I can manipulate the medium.

Artwork by Cesare Safieh
Created by Cesare Safieh at a BertaArt Studio class in 2012
BertaArt: What is your favorite surface to create with?

Cesare: Canvas and wood. The texture of the canvas creates a great base to add additional materials, like lava and string.

BertaArt: Have you developed an artistic style yet?

Cesare: Not really, I don’t believe one has to have a style. Creating is always evolving.

Oceana by Cesare Safieh, mixed media art
Oceana by Cesare Safieh, mixed media art Created in 2015

BertaArt: Why did you choose to take an art class at the BertaArt Studio?

Cesare: It was time for me to have fun. Clara is an amazing artist and has a flare for teaching others. Her patience and love of art shine through her teaching and interaction with students.

BertaArt: What art class did you take and what was it like?

Cesare: I took a mixed media art class. We have a great time painting and creating works of art. We even have coffee while we sit and discuss our art. I enjoy sharing my ideas and the students enjoy my creative input. Clara allows us to be open in our creativity.

BertaArt: Overall, how would you describe your experience as an art student at the Berta Art Academy?

Cesare: The art studio is amazing, and you can’t beat the setting.

BertaArt: If someone were considering taking an art class, what advice would you offer to make the experience a positive one?

Cesare: Don’t worry about whether or not you know art, or if it is right or wrong… all art is wonderful. Explore your creativity and imagination. Don’t be shy, you never know what you might create.

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