Couples Los Angeles Painting Class: Valentines Day Idea

Here is an original Valentines Day idea for you and the one you love – a private couples painting class at the DTLA BertaArt Studio! Connect creatively with your partner to produce a very personal mixed media abstract painting for your home that will make this memory last a lifetime.

Couples Painting Class Abstract Art with Clara Berta Valentines Day Idea
Brian and Haley painted this large 48” x 72” canvas during their couple’s painting class.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early, a couple recently booked a private Los Angeles painting class with me. Their idea was to work together to create a fun and exciting piece of art to complete their newly decorated living room. After finding inspiration researching art online, they arrived excited to turn a blank canvas into a reflection of their relationship.

Los Angeles Painting Class Couples Painting at Home
Brian and Haley installed the abstract painting they finished during my painting class that same afternoon.

Brian was a little nervous since it was his first painting class, however Hayley jumped right in and her enthusiasm quickly brought him around and they immediately became absorbed in the process.

Couples that paint together stay together!

We started off with texture paste, we waiting for it to dry – two fans were at work including one turbo fan! Half an hour later they were ready to paint. They selected some artworks to inspire them and – guess what? – they ended up going in a different direction!  Hayley created some nice big movements, which made the piece very exciting and Brian had one favorite spot that he wouldn’t let me touch! I gave them some tips about painting such as adding and removing, wiping away and sponging away and then using a dry towel to remove more paint at the end.

Brian listened to his intuition and before you know it he said, “We are done. I love it!!”

Hear what other students from my Los Angeles painting classes have to say.

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