Meet Abstract Artist Clara Berta Interview

Abstract artist Clara Berta in her studio
Meet the artist: Clara Berta in her studio

Marie Cradle of Culture Trip Los Angeles recently interviewed abstract artist, Clara Berta:

Off Main St, in Los Angeles’s art-rich downtown, Clara Berta works diligently in her studio. Noted for textured, oceanic paintings and bright, contemporary mixed-media pieces, her work has garnered much success, with installations at Hollywood Park Casino and in office lobbies and stately residences. Berta took some time to tell The Culture Trip about creativity and inspiration.

Advice from Abstract Artist, Clara Berta

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the art business?
Take painting classes, find a mentor, attend art gallery openings, and don’t quit your day job. Work in the evening and weekends on your artistic endeavors. Have someone teach you about social media marketing. Be sure to get follow up feedback and coaching, as well. Make friends with artists that will be supportive of your career, and be careful who you ask for advice about your artwork, because not everyone will be gentle and emotionally caring about you and your work.

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