Spring Forward Painting for 2015 IHADLA Dreamer Dinner

IHADLA auction Spring Forward abstract painting triptych by Clara Bera
Creating an abstract work involves allowing your imagination to open up and see something that is personal to you

This new work – Spring Forward – is a triptych consisting of three separate wood panels which are meant to be mounted side by side. I framed this art work since it creates a more modern look and a lovely finished presentation.

Can you see the connection?  It flows from one panel to the next. I created the wood panels using texture, fabric and then paint. There are parts that have lovely transparent yellow showing through and then I added the reds on top.  I chose these colors since they are warm and inviting spring colors.

Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors.  It is said to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity.   The red is also transparent and so it brings warmth on top of the yellows.  Red is a color of great energy!

Spring is about growth, development and love.

IHADLA Dreamer Dinner Painting Auction Clara Berta Spring Love
Clara Berta with Spring Forward Triptych before the I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles charity auction.
Spring is a time to awaken to new ideas and also a time of giving.  I created this work in order to share with others how important my community is to me.  It also reminds me it is healing to share and find ways to give back.  I continue to teach and share with my students ways to release their inner artist and let go in the creative process.   I have learned that creating art is healing in many ways.

I am so happy to have discovered I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles in my Downtown Los Angeles community area. I was pleased that they selected this art work for their very important annual Dreamer Dinner auction on March 8th. They wrote about my art at the 2015 IHADLA Dreamer Dinner here. I am pleased that my art found a happy home while helping support the at risk youth of I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles. I very much enjoyed attending the gala. I got to meet Rosie O’Donnell, IHADLA Dreamers, staff and other very interesting, generous people at the Dreamer Dinner.

Rosie O'Donnell speaking at IHADLA March Dreamer Dinner
Rosie O’Donnell rocked the audience with her quick commentary
Artist Clara Berta with IHADLA Dreamer Student
Getting to meet the IHADLA Dreamer students and alumni allowed me to “feel” the value the work the foundation does.

The 2016 IHADLA Dreamer Dinner gala is March 20th at the Skirball Cultural Center. I hardly recommend that you attend. It is an experience you absolutely will not regret!

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