Fun with Friends at Ladies Night In Painting Class

Learning something new is one way to have fun with friends and that is exactly what happened at my recent Yelp Ladies Night In abstract art class where I shared my painting techniques in a party-like atmosphere complete with wine, snacks, and desserts to fuel creativity.

I am so grateful for Ladies Night In! I was greeted with a warm, enthusiastic and cheerful hug from Clara. A truly talented and amazing artist! She was so awesome with most of us new, inexperienced and hesitant painters. With wine in hand and snacks to sustain us throughout the evening, Clara guided us with passion and enthusiasm as we created. It was so much fun to interact with such sweet and complimentary ladies. -Elizabeth C.

These intimate art classes (all of my workshops are ten or fewer students) allow me to spend a lot of one-on-one time with each person to help them unleash their inner artist. Although the Yelp Ladies Night In students were all at different skills levels, they all left with their own abstract paintings reflecting their unique style. I get so excited when I see what a student has created and they inspire me to try new things with my own abstract art.

Clara, the instructor, was a gem and so super nice and easy going! Abstract and texture isn’t a strong suit of mine, nor is any kind of art actually… haha… but when the wine flowed, so did the creativity! Yay wine! Loved everyones’ works of art! Everyone was so sweet and friendly! -Love C.

Clara Berta works with student at Yelp Ladies Night In art class


I actually just took a Paint Nite session a few weeks ago where my painting turned out nothing like the instructor’s; however, Clara’s paint night was so much more free and open…After a few glasses of wine, some funky blues/jazz music, and hearing Clara talk about her pieces, we were given free range to do whatever the heck we wanted on our canvases…We were all given the same mediums to use, but not one painting was similar. Even though people used similar colors, the pattern, texture, and overall feel to each painting was special and unique to the artist. I don’t consider myself artistic in any way, but I did feel quite proud of my finished product…Lots of jokes, more wine, and great conversation. It was definitely a great way to end a busy Thursday. -Tiffany C.

I like to teach students a range of easy-to-apply painting techniques because you never know what will inspire them to create their masterpiece. It could be incorporating mixed media like texture paste to create depth or using different tools like a large palette knife or their own hands instead of a paintbrush. I want them to let their imagination run wild without any limits.

I tend to be a perfectionist so it took a little for me to let go and do whatever I wanted to do on my canvas…I felt as if we could do no wrong in Clara’s eyes. No matter what, she was excited about how each of our painting was turning out and she sounded proud when talking about what she liked in each painting. Essentially, she provided us with unconditional love and encouraged limitless imagination…I left with a painting that I felt proud of and memories of a much-needed, relaxing night after a stressful week. -Kristina M.

Students use Clara Berta's painting techniques at Yelp Ladies Night In art class

It’s important to feel free and unconstricted when making art which is why I like to use different warm-up techniques in my class to help loosen up students. You need to let go of whatever happened that day and focus on the present so the creativity can flow. It can be very therapeutic and relaxing.

This was very therapeutic, and helped me forget about all the craziness at work and on the roads I’ve had to deal with all week. Way different from painting with numbers and so much fun to experiment with different materials to see what beauty you can create. – Sandie S.

Students play with chalk during Clara Berta's Ladies Night In art class

If you are interested in attending an art class or scheduling your own ladies night in to have fun with your friends go to BertaArt Abstract Art Classes. All classes are at BertaArt Studio Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles with plenty of metered or lot parking available next to my building. And here are some helpful tips from a student to keep in mind:

“I have never painted before and am totally clueless what to do so don’t be anxious if you are not an artsy person cause a lot of us aren’t too! Come with an open mind, enjoy and have fun painting. Let your creativity flow, don’t think too much and have fun painting (I started messing my art pieces with my hands and enjoyed the process!)…She’s really sweet, constantly walking around, giving us advice what we can do to improve our art piece to make it more interesting.” -Stella L.

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