Holiday Gift Ideas: Original Art by Clara Berta

If you are looking for unusual and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for a loved one, consider a piece of original art by Clara Berta. An abstract painting – or a gift certificate for BertaArt Studio Gallery – shows you put some thought into your holiday gift giving. Although abstract art is a very personal item, it can also show how much you care, by taking the time to find the perfect piece.

Holiday Gift Ideas Giving Original Art by Clara Berta
Holiday Gift Ideas: Original art, gift certificates, painting classes

Abstract art is compatible with all kinds of decor, and Clara Berta has a large inventory of art works in many colors to complement a wide variety of spaces. Maybe your loved one is an ocean lover – in which case Clara’s many pieces in shades of blue will give you multiple options. Looking for something zen? Clara’s Serenity series will bring peace to any room, but excitement on Christmas morning! The holiday gift idea of a painting is easier than you think. Contact Clara at BertaArt Studio Gallery and let her help you solve your holiday gift giving anxiety.

Giving original art as a holiday gift is gaining in popularity, partly because more people are looking for something unique, not mass-produced. Also, as art collecting becomes more mainstream, more and more people are looking for that sense of distinction that comes from gifting a memorable item such as a painting. If you are nervous that the recipient won’t like the piece, a BertaArt gift certificate is the perfect solution.

Commissioned custom art by Clara Berta Christmas Gift Ideas
Commissioned custom art for Olivia

I love that her paintings are complex when you take the time to study them, yet they don’t require analysis to be moved by the imagery she has created. If at a glance you find a piece intriguing, then you should become a fan and collector, because she will keep you intrigued for many years. ~ Rob Lee, Collector, Commissioned Work


Chris and I just got our painting and we are absolutely in love with it! It fits perfectly in our room and brings its part of the house to life. So much energy! The colors work seamlessly with the furniture and other pieces we have in the room. ~ Jamie Gerson, Collector

Clara Berta installed abstract art
Installed art by Clara Berta being enjoyed by happy home owner

“I’ve acquired three pieces from Clara over the last 7 years, and I continue to be intrigued and delighted by her evolving style. Two of the pieces were commissions that mixed personal items, text, and found materials to make art that was both uniquely personal and expressive of the artist’s voice. The third piece was just so joyful, it begged to come home with me! I’m always excited to see where Clara’s work is headed next.” ~ Patti Carr, Collector

Giving a Gift of Art-ful Activity!

BertaArt Gift Certificates can be purchased in any denomination, and can also be used for the gift of a painting workshop. Clara’s fun interactive classes are held in her DTLA studio, in a small intimate setting with four to six students. Clara has been teaching for many years, and her students range from beginners to experienced painters looking to expand their range of technique. Providing all the guidance, materials and inspiration, the classes are designed to provide freedom of expression, increase self-confidence, and inspire creativity. Painting classes are also a perfect couples activity, if you are looking for a new fun activity to do together. These Christmas gift ideas can keep on giving long after the holidays. A couples class is the perfect holiday gift to give each other!

Los Angeles painting class in action
Ladies painting workshop

The benefits of joining a painting class:

* Relieves stress and anxiety
* Quiets an overactive mind
* Learn how to be “in the moment” – builds awareness
* The more we connect, the more creative we become
* The more creative we are, the more passionate our lives will be
* Increase flow in your personal and business life

“Clara Berta is a wonderful teacher who allows you to develop your own style, while she gently guides you on the technical aspects of the creative  medium you are working in.  Her flexibility, kindness, and openness enhance the already lovely creative space. I highly recommend this class to all levels.” ~ Phyllis

“Clara is simply a force of creative energy. Her disarming charm is the key to her restorative art classes. Not only does she provide a beautiful space for self-expression through art, but she also inspires her students to go deep within themselves and explore their inner emotions. Her nurturing guidance and spirited encouragement are what give her students the confidence to discover their own unique talents and creatively express themselves through the canvas.”
~ Laura

BertaArt holiday gift artwork

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