Creative Process for One of a Kind Artist Clara Berta Video

One of a Kind Artist, Clara Berta takes us through the creation of three of her works of art: two of them are in her Light series – Light after Rain and Tuscan Light; the third one is from her Whispers Series. Clara is passionate about her work and the creative process.

Video Transcript

I recently leased this studio in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), only two blocks from my loft.

I am very excited to share with you about my process, my work and myself.

I am “one of a kind,” passionate about my work, my life and also about the process of creating, sharing and digging deeper into my own work and processes.

This is Light After Rain.

My Light After Rain series was inspired three years ago when we had so much rain for two weeks and then this beautiful fresh light came out. That’s how this piece came about. It involves all this lightness and it kind of reminds me of Turner (the artist). I wasn’t even thinking of him but that’s what came out. So this is about the clouds and the space and the light on top. And there’s also light on the bottom. There is a lot of light floating through, coming through different parts of it.

It makes me smile when I see it. It makes me feel good.

Light After Rain V, Mixed media on wood, 48 x 60  (Light After Rain I through IV have been sold)
Light After Rain V, Mixed media on wood, 48 x 60 (Light After Rain I through IV have been sold)

I created Tuscan Light after we returned from our trip to Italy – spent two weeks from Florence to Milan. It was really inspiring. I just loved the Italian light. I was thinking about my history and my inspiration.

My inspirations come from all my travels, a lot of culture from Italy I am sure from my old country as well, however anything Italian really moves me. (actually said I can resonate so well). I brought back some beautiful Italian writing, and then I did an image transfer with the writing. I bought a legal document at a news stand and just loved integrating it in my work. It’s a liquor license from the 1800’s. Here are some cool collages. And textures. Textures really move me.

I love textures, since they provide and have history. Then there is sanding in here, and adding colors, then layering. It is the process of editing equals art.

Tuscan Light is the name that came to me for this piece because it so reminds me of Tuscany, the beautiful light coming through.

Tuscan Light, Mixed media on wood, 36 x 60 by Clara Berta
Tuscan Light, Mixed media on wood, 36 x 60


This is from my Whispers series, the second one I created. I was inspired by looking at photography of beautifully landscaped trees and of course from looking at trees.

This has been created with texture, layering. All the white coming through is like snow and ice. Whispers of feathers and lightness. Payne’s Gray color and layers of other colors. This is red silk fabric and then some yarn in between. The fabric came to life and parts of it I removed the yarn to show the original color. I love the feeling of it and how nature can be expressed in so many different ways.

Whispers II by Clara Berta
Whispers II, Mixed media on canvas, 24 x 60

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