LivingPlug Beautiful Functional Art Wall Plug Faceplates by Clara Berta

LivingPlug is featuring me as their artist of the month! LivingPlug Inlet is a new kind of wall-plug covering that improves energy usage and child safety. It expands functionality by adding a USB port to charge a mobile phone, along with increasing the available electrical outlet plugs from two to three. Most importantly, you can select an art faceplate that transforms your ordinary wall-plug outlet to both look nicer and match your decor.

Interior design has always been an interest of mine, as interior designers use my art to add mood and color to residential and commercial spaces. These LivingPlug art faceplates are a nice small touch for your decor as well.

LivingPlug featuring mixed media artist Clara Berta

My faceplates are currently on sale for 25% off on the LivingPlug website using the promo code CB25. See the full collection of my LivingPlug INLET faceplates

LivingPlug with Clara Berta faceplate in the home of Ray Gordon
LivingPlug with Clara Berta faceplate in the home of Ray Gordon

If you are on Facebook, please join in the discussion on the LivingPlug Facebook Page about my faceplate collection for their Inlet wall-plug covering.

LivingPlug featuring Clara Berta art on Facebook
From LivingPlug Facebook Page


From the LivingPlug Website:

“As with many other products that become part of lives, LivingPlug came about by accident. Charley, a UPENN architecture school graduate, was tinkering with pourable glass and creating prototype light fixtures. Sam, working at Design Within Reach, was thinking about new products that you could control with your smart phone. The electrical outlet was indirectly involved in both concepts, but somehow became the focus of attention. Why hadn’t this not-so-attractive utility been updated in 100 years? Why hadn’t anyone done anything about the surprising number of outlet-related injuries among children or how much electricity is drained by ‘resting’ appliances. A new business idea starting brewing. LivingPlug – the world’s first ‘multi-functional’ plug – was born.”

From LivingPlug Facebook:

“LivingPlug is a team of design, technology, marketing and operations professionals who are enhancing child safety, energy conservation and design aesthetics through the development of a new modern hardware product. Authentic design will help transform an individual’s respect for their living environment – creating an easier life through technology and a better life as a result of design.”

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