Remembering Opening Night: The New BertaArt Studio Gallery

I find myself reflecting on what I’m grateful for during this challenging time of isolation. My light and spacious art gallery and studio is high up on the list. At BertaArt Studio Gallery in downtown Los Angeles I have the space and freedom to create and exhibit my original abstract paintings. I also get to be part of a dynamic and diverse contemporary art community. Remembering the energy and inspiration I felt on the opening night celebration still brings me joy six months later.

Guests enjoying the opening night celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery
BertaArt Studio Gallery Grand Opening, September, 2019. Photos by Dewey Tann

Guests enjoying the opening night celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

A Night of Art, Music and Friends

On an evening in mid September, 2019, I invited friends, supporters and art lovers to the grand opening of BertaArt Studio Gallery. It was a fantastic night with more than 80 guests. I was touched and uplifted by the positive response to my minimalist paintings in this new space. Everyone generously shared their support and encouragement for this new chapter of my art and life.

Gorgeous wine, cocktails and cheese platters gave the occasion an elevated and celebratory feel. We were incredibly lucky to have Felix from the Los Angeles Philharmonic play live violin for us. I believe music, like art, has a therapeutic and healing effect. This element of my work is really important to me. Experiencing beautiful classical music was the perfect touch to the launch of my new creative space.

Live violin at the opening celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

In a Word: Gratitude

A word that sums up my memory of this night is gratitude. I feel so grateful for the continued support from my art collectors and friends. I was delighted to see my friends Robert and Melanie, who I first met 20 years ago. They traveled all the way from North Carolina to be there. The talented photographer Dewey Tann did an amazing job capturing the energy and spirit of the evening. Plus, everyone looked absolutely incredible.

Guests enjoy the opening celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

Guests enjoy the opening celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

It was a pleasure seeing Elizabeth so happy with my original artwork she won as the winner of the raffle. I get such a buzz from gifting one of my paintings and seeing the joy it can bring.

Someone who deserves a very special mention is my friend and artist Viorica Rusnak. When I first opened BertaArt Studio Gallery we shared the studio and her support meant a lot. Both being artists from Transylvania gave us a strong connection. As artists we work alone and are used to isolation, however our collaboration was an enriching experience. I mentored Viorica in her practice and she gave me valuable perspectives on my work. Not to mention, the energy she brought into the space. 

A Space of Inspiration and Serenity

Moving to this modern gallery space has opened up a new chapter, both creatively and as a business. The expansive 1,500 sq. ft. street-level space is more accessible and more visible than my previous second-floor location. Seeing my paintings shown in this light and spacious environment has inspired me to paint bigger and brighter artworks and go deeper into my minimalism journey. The calming balance of colour and negative space of these minimalist abstract paintings echoes beautifully in this setting. It also creates an immersive experience for visitors. Terry Ellsworth, an outstanding guide for Downtown Art Walk, vividly described the gallery as like being underwater, “surrounded by healing vibrations” that “put you in a blissful state.”

Guests enjoy the opening celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

Part of the Downtown L.A. Community

I’m delighted and honoured to continue to be in downtown L.A., where I have been living and working since 2012. Community is important to me and the art scene here is vibrant, open and diverse. I love having BertaArt Studio Gallery on the Downtown Art Walk route. The fortnightly guided tours are a highlight of my month. My studio gallery is also a space of learning and exchange. I thrive on sharing ideas and perspectives with the people who come through. I have already hosted several events and workshops at the gallery so far and I plan to host many more, so keep an eye out for news and updates! 

Guests enjoy the opening celebration of BertaArt Studio Gallery

About Clara Berta

Contemporary Artist Clara Berta
Artist Clara Berta at BertaArt Studio Gallery

“Abstract painting is a mysterious journey. From the initial inspiration to the final work, I can never predict the steps in the process or the final image.”

Clara Berta is a passionate, award-winning abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, highly textural abstract paintings have been exhibited in the US and collected worldwide. A sensibility of simplicity permeates her paintings with areas of bright color juxtaposed with large fields of negative space. This balance, between the focal point and the white space surrounding it, is a delicate equilibrium.

She believes in the philosophy of the renowned German architect, Mies van der Rohe, who created an influential twentieth-century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. He is often associated with his quotation of the aphorism, “less is more.”

Learn more about Clara Berta here.

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