Relationships are Everything: Connecting with Art Galleries

'Serenity' abstract painting by Clara berta, home installation by MAC Fine Art

Over the years I’ve made strong and rewarding connections with art galleries. Having your artwork represented by an art gallery is an essential part of the business of being an artist. With the trend towards an online art world, connecting with art galleries from around the globe has become more accessible. With so much content out there, making real connections with real people online can feel daunting and difficult. However, I‘ve found that reaching out and putting yourself forward really pays off. I’m so grateful for the support I get from this wonderful group of art experts.

Putting Myself Out There

In 2011, a friend and I discovered Artspace Warehouse while looking at galleries in Los Angeles. They show a huge selection of artworks by established and emerging international artists, both in their art gallery and online. I submitted my work online and six months later they contacted me. Claudia from Artspace Warehouse was so helpful and lovely. She sold my first work, ‘Light After Rain,’ on opening night! Since then, I’ve watched the gallery grow tremendously. They have even opened a second Los Angeles gallery called Artplex.

'Ocean Blue' abstract painting by Clara Berta
Ocean Bay, 60″ x 60″, mixed media on canvas at Artspace Warehouse

Connecting with art galleries is also a great way to meet other artists. I have developed some beautiful friendships with artists represented by Artspace Warehouse. This is how I met the wonderful Amber Goldhammer. Her work uses the visual language of graffiti and street art to spread a message of love and positive energy.

Connecting with Art Galleries at Art Fairs

Art fairs are a fantastic opportunity to connect with new art galleries. Two years ago I participated in The Other Art Fair in Downtown Los Angeles. It took place in the same building as my loft, so taking part felt like fate. This fair was where Georgeana from Ethos Contemporary Art first saw my work in person. Located in Newport Beach, California, Ethos Contemporary Art represents contemporary artists from across America. Abstract expressionist paintings is one of their areas of expertise. This amazing occasion was also where I met Paul from Fresh Paint, who now features my work online. We got along great from the very beginning. Six months later, Paul and Helene came to Los Angeles to visit my previous downtown studio.

'Into the Deep' abstract painting by Clara Berta at ethos Contemporary Art
‘Into the Deep,’ featured in Laguna Art Patron Magazine
'Meditative City' abstract painting by artist Clara Berta installed by Fresh Paint in the Quietus Showroom
‘Meditative City’ SOLD by Fresh Paint, Quintus Showroom

The Art World of Instagram

As an artist, the visual nature of Instagram appeals to me. I can easily share my artwork and my process with the world. I also love to seek out art that moves and inspires me. Supporting and connecting with other artists from around the world and watching them grow is very rewarding. This is how I discovered Sara Conca’s work and fell in love with it. She reminded me of myself. We have shared sensibilities and a similar energy and movement in our work. We both love colours and explore the process of layering. 

Inspired by Sara, I decided to submit to MAC Fine Art, a gallery that represents her. I shared my studio, artwork and history with Mary Ann Cohen via a video conversation. We clicked immediately and she selected five works to be shipped to her gallery. MAC Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale is the largest art exhibition space in South Florida. Mary Ann has found wonderful collectors for my works, including ‘Serenity’ from my minimalism series. 

‘Waves in Blue’ in the MAC Fine Art gallery, featured in the Curated by MAC ART catalog
'Serenity' abstract painting by Clara Berta, featured by MAC Fine Art
‘Serenity’ featured in the Curated by MAC ART catalog
'Serenity' abstract painting by Clara berta, home installation by MAC Fine Art
‘Serenity’ SOLD and installed by MAC Fine Art

Galleries and art dealers also keep an eye on Instagram for new artists. Roger Washington, from Ronewa Art Projects, discovered my work and reached out to me two years ago. Since then, he has been a great mentor and supporter. Without a permanent exhibition space, Roger knows the importance of online relationships. He focuses on international curatorial projects and making global connections between artists and collectors.

Abstract paintings by Clara berta on Ronewa Art Projects
My abstract paintings featured on the Ronewa Art Projects website

Moving Forward, Going Global

'Spring Awakening' abstract painting by Clara Berta installed by ADC Fine Art
‘Spring Awakening’ installation by ADC Fine Art

ADC Fine Art, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is my most recent gallery representation. I have been building a relationship with Litsa Spanos for four years. I have learned so much from all of these experiences and from the people and galleries that have represented and supported me. This year I’m ready to expand globally. My art practice has evolved and I feel confident and excited for the future. Moving forward, I know how vital forming personal relationships are, especially in an online world.

About Clara Berta

Contemporary Artist Clara Berta
Artist Clara Berta at BertaArt Studio Gallery

“Abstract painting is a mysterious journey. From the initial inspiration to the final work, I can never predict the steps in the process or the final image.”

Clara Berta is a passionate, award-winning abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, highly textural abstract paintings have been exhibited in the US and collected worldwide. A sensibility of simplicity permeates her paintings with areas of bright color juxtaposed with large fields of negative space. This balance, between the focal point and the white space surrounding it, is a delicate equilibrium.

She believes in the philosophy of the renowned German architect, Mies van der Rohe, who created an influential twentieth-century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. He is often associated with his quotation of the aphorism, “less is more.”

Learn more about Clara Berta here.

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