An Artist Studio Interview Video Abstract Painter Clara Berta

In this artist studio interview, Downtown Los Angeles abstract painter Clara Berta explains why being playful and connecting to her inner child is paramount to her creativity, and the delight she feels when painting her original acrylic works. A serious working artist with a childlike innocence, this in-studio personal video reveals the depth of emotion this artist feels while painting, and how her creativity comes forth to enhance her modern artwork.

Feeling the energy of her painting process is paramount to the success of the artwork.  “Painting with my hands is like playing for me, makes me feel connected, and a part of the artwork.”   Especially when creating a large-scale piece, the dynamics of the activity are visible in the finished product. Sweeping gestural movements are evident in her original composition, when layers of paint converge and create bold textures and rhythmic rivers of color harmony, forming mesmerizing abstract art at the hands of this sensitive working artist.

abstract painter Clara Berta painting with her hands
Clara loves painting with her hands. The feeling of connection to her canvas brings her joy.

This connectivity to her canvas – knowing how the paint and the canvas will react to her touch – is how she discovered her latest Flow Series, which won her a recent award at the “Made In California” juried exhibit in Brea, CA.  Her large abstract painting “Awakening” in a cool blues and earth tone palette was a big hit with the judges, and culminated with her work being featured on the exhibition catalog and all marketing collateral. In fact, a collector purchased the piece before the show even opened!

“I feel I am becoming part of the painting sometimes, when I work the materials with my hands. It beckons me to play with it, and perhaps because I did not play much as a child, I always wish to play more now!”

Watch, and “walk barefoot” with Clara Berta, as she discusses the importance of playfulness in our lives, and especially in her growing art business.

Joy, Being in the Moment, Being Playful Matters in Sports Too

Clara recorded her video before the Rio Olympics but she was delighted to find that popular beach volleyball medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings concurred with what Clara had learned herself. Walsh Jennings was interviewed about why she had “JOY” written on her hand more than once. She told Katherine Tappen during a walk-in, “I put it there to remind me to be playful, and to have fun. I want to remember the reason I am here doing this, and savor the moment.” Being in the moment is something advocated by a member of her support team, Dr. Michael Gervais, as part of his “Finding Mastery.”

JOY Kerri Walsh Jennings Olympics USA medalist Be in the Moment

Another interview was captured and tweeted by SporTV and published by Bustle. Courtney Lindley of Bustle wrote, “She has “joy” written on her hand when she plays, and she says she does that because ‘I want to play like a kid out there. I want to have fun. I want to be playful … because when I do that, I play better.’”

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