Supporting Contemporary Female Artists

As a female painter, I wish to support other female artists, as I feel that often woman do not get the recognition they deserve in the largely male-dominated art world. By supporting and empowering other women, we can build a community of artists that will help women reach higher levels of recognition and achieve their goals with the same level of acceptance, opportunity, and income as their male counterparts. Gender equality in the art world is our goal – and it takes women helping women to get there!

Female artists supporting each other: Taylor Smalls and I with my newly acquired painting
Taylor Smalls and I with my newly acquired painting

One way I choose to support other women artists is by collecting them. My most recent art acquisition was a beautiful piece by local artist Taylor Smalls. She created a contemporary art portrait which was exhibited near my own painting at the 31st Annual ”Made in California” Juried Exhibition in Brea, CA. Her intriguing portrait of a young woman received 2nd Place Prize. We were so moved by her painting that we bought it for our modern art collection, and are excited to have it hanging in our DTLA loft.

In conversation with the artist, Taylor told me, “My focus is large-scaled portraiture. I study the faint color variations in skin tones, as well as the way in which eyes and mouths express subtle emotion. My tools are pallet knives and occasionally brushes.  This enables me a certain amount of control over a piece, while still allowing the paint to mix at its own will, and assume a character of its own. I predominately choose women as my subject, and proceed to alter, exaggerate, and break down facial features that typically correspond with her specific race, gender, or known trademark.”

Meeting Taylor that night was very exciting, and I learned that she graduated with high honors, receiving her Bachelors Degree in Architecture and Community Design at the University of San Francisco.

Susannah Bettag - acrylic painting on canvas - in my collection of art by female artists
Susannah Bettag – acrylic painting on canvas – from my personal collection

Another of my favorite pieces is by contemporary female artist Susannah Bettag from San Francisco. I purchased her painting at the Contemporary Art Show in Santa Monica. She explained her artistic vision this way: “My art explores women’s identities, roles, and self-perceptions. It challenges viewers to examine how they view women, and, on another level, how they view themselves viewing women. It is a pleasurable investigation of subjects such as sexuality and self worth, reflecting the confusing and conflicting internal impulses we’re often forced to navigate daily. It reflects on women’s roles, employing saccharine cynicism and personal revelations.”

In this way, I am empowering women, giving back to the community, and building an art collection of wonderful contemporary female artists whose struggles I can identify with, and whose work I admire. Together we can change the world! 

“Empower yourself in order to empower women”

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