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Talking With Art Galleries: Online Platforms and Lockdown Challenges

Lista Spanos, president and owner of ADC Fine Art gallery with Clara Berta abstract painting
Artists and art galleries have been facing the challenges of working in lockdown over the past weeks. Supporting and promoting our creative community via online platforms has become vital. I’m so grateful to the galleries that make my work visible and accessible.  The work of the art galleries and art consultants who show my paintings and connect me with art collectors […]
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Relationships are Everything: Connecting with Art Galleries

'Serenity' abstract painting by Clara berta, home installation by MAC Fine Art
Over the years I’ve made strong and rewarding connections with art galleries. Having your artwork represented by an art gallery is an essential part of the business of being an artist. With the trend towards an online art world, connecting with art galleries from around the globe has become more accessible. With so much content out there, making real connections with […]
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